If you’re in the market for a new sump pump, one of your primary concerns may be, “How much is this going to cost?” In today’s economy, money is always tight. However, instead of questioning how much your new sump pump will cost, a better question may be “What am I getting for my money?” When it comes to sump pump prices, you will find that the range can vary significantly – the low end being around $300 and the higher end being over $3,000. So what exactly goes into factoring the cost of sump pumps?

Horse Powersump pump

The amount of horse power a sump pump has can make a big difference in terms of the price. Horse power is used to measure how much power a specified product or item produces in its engine. The more horse power a sump pump has, the more powerful it becomes. The lowest horse power featured in Tsurumi’s sump pumps is ½ HP. These pumps typically run between $300-$400 in price. In contrast, the highest available horsepower in our pumps comes in at 5 HP. As you can imagine, a 5 HP engine sump pump is significantly more powerful than a ½ HP one. With more power comes a higher cost. At the moment, we currently offer only one 5 HP engine sump pump for the cost of $3,750. While this cost may seem steep compared to the $300-$400 ½ HP pump, remember that you are getting the most powerful sump pump around. This cost is also significantly lower than what other companies would charge you for the same. Before deciding on your budget for a sump pump, be sure to consider what the needs of your project are and how much horsepower you will require.

Discharge Size

Tsurumi also offers many different discharge sizes for their sump pumps. The discharge size is how much material your sump pump can disperse at once. If you’re trying to clean up a massive spill or flood with your sump pump, you may need to invest in one with a higher discharge size. Similar to horse power, the higher the discharge size, the higher the cost. Our smallest discharge size is a ¾ inch one, which costs between $380-$525 on average. In contrast, our largest discharge size rings in at 6″ and will cost you upwards of $1,600. When choosing a discharge size, be sure to consider how much material you need the equipment to remove. The smaller the discharge size, the longer your project will take.

When you invest in a sump pump from Tsurumi, you’ll be guaranteed to get the most for your money. We offer only the highest quality sump pumps at the most affordable prices. Additionally, we also offer free shipping on all orders for your convenience. Our prices will never be beaten. If you find a competitor with lower prices, let us know and we will not only price match, but offer an additional 10% off of your order! Visit us online today at TsurumiPumpSales.com for more info!


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